The PTO volunteers are vital to our school from helping with open house and curriculum nights, assisting the nurse with health screenings, making copies, selling concessions at various fundraising events throughout the year and of course donating time to serve holiday feasts in the cafeteria and food or funds for staff appreciation meals.

We appreciate all kinds and amounts of help we can get. Throughout the year we will send out emails and posts to Facebook requesting volunteers. Choose as much or as little time as you like to volunteer with what sounds fun to you. We’d love to have you.

Please review the volunteer guidelines from the District Office. You may print and fill out a form online or pick one up at the school’s Front Office. Filled out forms are to be turned into the school’s Front Office. Click the blue link below to access the items needed to volunteer. 

Volunteer Steps (Volunteer Guidelines, Volunteer Application Packet, Online Volunteer Training)

If you are interested in becoming a VOLUNTEER HERO, please email us at LTHMSPTO@gmail.com with your contact info and the best day/times you are available or use the event sign-up you received via email or Facebook. You may also contact us using the Contact Page on the Home screen. We look forward to hearing from you!

Open House & Curriculum Nights

Volunteers sell food, drinks, candy and spirit gear. All concessions are $1 each, so taking cash and making change is easy. PTO will take any credit card payments via our Square device. Volunteers are trained how to hand out PTO literature, encourage email sign-ups and make people feel welcome. We are always in need of such help during these events since parents are eager to find out information and buy spirit gear and P.E. uniforms. A Spanish/English translator would be so helpful too!

Health Screenings

This is a very important task which is required by the district annually. Volunteers are trained by the school nurse on how to help her perform hearing and eye testing for students in the her office. Testing is usually scheduled at the beginning of the school year. Testing can take several hours daily and weeks to get through all of the students who need it. Please feel free to sign up for just one shift on one day or multiple days/times if that fits your schedule.


Volunteers sell food, drinks and candy at events. All concessions are $1 each, so taking cash and making change is easy. PTO will take any credit card payments via our Square device. We are always in need of such help during these events: After-school Bash, Winter Wonderland, before school sales.


This is such a HUGE help to our teachers! Volunteers trained how to use the copiers. Ideally, we would like to have one volunteer per day, so five people total This could be scheduled on a regular basis or whatever works best for you.

Holiday Feasts

There is always a great need for volunteers to help the cafeteria serve these wonderful meals. They never have enough staff available to efficiently serve these because of the many separate items which come with these hearty meals. Volunteers make these events run very smoothly.  Volunteers will receive basic training 10 minutes before their shift on how to serve the item of their choice. Volunteers will receive a free meal to enjoy with their student. Please feel free to sign up for just one 30 minute shift or multiple shifts if that fits your schedule.

Staff Appreciation

Volunteers help set up our once a month Staff Appreciation Day and/or End of Year Staff Appreciation in May. If you like to wash dishes, I won’t stop you!

Holiday Grams

Volunteers will help set up and sell Grams during lunch periods. This event usually lasts 1-1/2 weeks, so there are plenty of days & times from which to choose. We usually do this for Halloween (Boo Grams), Valentines Day (V Grams) and Winter (Snow Grams).

Heck Hang-Outs (*formerly known as dances)

Volunteers may help set up before the event, take tickets upon entry, distribute wristbands upon entry, sell concessions, help with activities like spraying hair color or taking pictures, and/or help clean up. The sale usually takes about an hour. The event lasts 1.5 hours. Clean up usually takes about 30 minutes. (As of 1-1-22 the district is only allowing these events to be held outside per safety protocols.)

* Why did we change the name? Some of our school community can be put off by thinking this event is just a dance. Nope, it’s way more fun! This is what is usually available: basketball, small games, music/dancing, an age-appropriate movie that will be advertised on the flyer, hanging out with friends and concessions. Sometimes we also have a photo booth and color hair spray. It’s a whole lot of fun for everyone!

Off-Campus Volunteer Options

  • Join the PTO board. It’s just volunteering plus you get to have input on what we do!
  • Create posters as needed to promote events, supplies provided (or print 8.5×11 color pages for us if you have a color printer – usually 12 per event)
  • Put signs up or take them down as needed. Either way it’s only 10 minutes max!
  • Set up food fundraisers via email or online.
  • Create a SignUpGenius for special events, training provided
  • Manage our LTHMS PTO Facebook page, training provided
  • Manage our LTHMS PTO website, training provided
  • Match receipts to bank statements, verify they all match or make a note if they don’t, training provided (EASY PEASY – That’s all there is to it, it doesn’t take long and only needs to happen once a month.)