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[1] Go to our Online Store to make credit card purchases OR print out an order form using the links below and drop off at the front office with a cash or check payment. Make checks payable to LTHMS PTO.

[2] Please enter student’s name and homeroom teacher’s name in notes during online checkout or on the printed order form.

[3] Items will be delivered to your student’s homeroom within 7 days of ordering.

Online Store

P.E. Uniform & Bag Order Form

Spirit Gear Order Form

P.E. Uniform & Bag

PE Shirts – PE Shorts – PE Bag

Apparel can be worn for P.E., practices or anytime to show your school spirit!

P.E. uniforms are ADULT sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL (while supplies last)

pics - PE shirt   pics - PE shortspics - PE bag


Spirit Gear

Shirts – Hoodies – Tumbler – Magnet – Lanyard

Shirts and Hoodies are ADULT sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL (while supplies last)

pics - grey t

pics - hoodies

pics - tumblerpics - magnet

pics - lanyard

Extra FUN

Dave & Buster’s Power Card – Silly Socks

pics - D&B power card

Aliens: IMG_20191113_144114

Basketball: IMG_20191113_150131

Captain America: IMG_20191113_150256

Cheetos XO: IMG_20191113_150530

Cheetos (Light Blue): IMG_20191113_150548

Cocoa Krispies: IMG_20191113_150511

Crunchberries: IMG_20191113_150434

Hufflepuff: IMG_20191113_144413

Ice Cream Cone: IMG_20191113_144955

Instruments: IMG_20191113_142502

Luigi: IMG_20191113_144531

Nerds: IMG_20191113_145033

Ravenclaw: IMG_20191113_144249

Space Ships: IMG_20191113_144205

Superman: IMG_20191113_143828

Toad: IMG_20191113_144503

Yoshi: IMG_20191113_144442

USA-Fireworks: IMG_20191113_150702

USA-Flag & Stars: IMG_20191113_150353

USA-Hearts & Stripes: IMG_20191113_150643

USA-Liberty: IMG_20191113_150608

USA-Red Stripes: IMG_20191113_150413

Black Bats: IMG_20191113_142158

Black Spooky Cat: IMG_20191113_143936

Bones: IMG_20191113_150625

Lime Boo: IMG_20191113_145800

Lime Sickle Cat: IMG_20191113_150015

Mummy: IMG_20191113_145311

Orange Cat in Hat: IMG_20191113_145955

Orange Cat Stripes: IMG_20191113_150053

Purple Big Cats: IMG_20191113_144022

Purple Hocus Pocus: IMG_20191113_145620

Purple Small Cats: IMG_20191113_145924

Skull: IMG_20191113_145444

Skulls: IMG_20191113_210207

Stripes Bat: IMG_20191113_145353

Vampire: IMG_20191113_145202