Donate Your Time or Money

We try not to do Fundraisers that rely on students selling things like magazines, cookie dough, etc. Instead, most of our fundraising is through vendor give backs, restaurant nights, spirit gear, and concessions.

Why? We know you have busy schedules and need to spend time enjoying your family!

We want to make sure supporting our school is easy and fun for you and your family by taking on most of the work ourselves. By participating in our fundraisers in any way, you are helping us raise funds for PTO to support our students, parents and staff.

That being said, donating your time is greatly appreciated and welcomed! We always need volunteers to help make our fundraising efforts successful. Volunteer opportunities will be posted on our Facebook page and sent via our email newsletters as needs arise. Please email us at to get the latest information and volunteer opportunities about our fun events.

If you prefer to directly donate money, please visit our Online Store to send us the amount of your choice OR you may give cash or checks made out to LTHMS PTO to our wonderful front office who will deliver it to us! We are happy to provide receipts if you need them for your tax records. Please include your email or phone # for us to send or text you the receipt.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We are only successful in our efforts because of YOUR support!